tableau (plural: tableaux or tableaus)

  1. a striking and vivid representation; a picture
  2. a vivid graphic scene of a group of people arranged as in a painting

7 letters in word "tableau": A A B E L T U.

Anagrams of tableau:

Words found within tableau:

aa aal ab aba abate abet ablate ablaut able ablet abut ae al ala alae alate alb alba albe ale alt at ate aula ba baa baal bael bal bale balu bat bate bateau be beat beau beaut bel belt bet beta blae blat blate bleat blet blue bluet buat but bute butle ea eat eau el elt et eta la laa lab lat late lea leat let leu lube lute lutea ta tab tabla table tabu tabula tae tael tala tale talea tau taube te tea teal tel tela tub tuba tubae tubal tube tule ule ut uta ute

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